Bette Midler: the new Mae West?

This past weekend, as I stared at the bills laying on the table in front of me and visions of all the homework i had to do dancing in my head, i decided to take a step  back into my childhood (when life was simple *sigh*). I grabbed a huge bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and popped my favorite childhood movie into the VCR (yes i still have one on those). The movie was “Hocus Pocus” starring a very young Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler, and if you have never seen this movie or at least slightly know the plot line then shame on you. So as i sat there fixed on my couch, quoting every line, and singing every song I couldn’t help but notice the resemblence Bette Midler has to the late (and i guess great) Mae West. Not only do they somewhat look alike ( in my opinion) but they both pull off the acting sext appeal thing very well. From what we saw and went over in class Mae West was a sort of  sex symbol way back when and although Bette Midler isn’t being asked to pose for Playboy she pulls the whole sexy vixen off on and off camera as well. The only thing that really seperates them is that Bette Midler is also a comedian. She manages to mix her sexy vixen with comedy, (which i’m not really sure if Mae West could do but she doesnt look like she could). Midler even has a burlesque/showgirl/comedic show happening now In Las Vegas at Caesers Palace that is doing very well. Maybe if West was able to mix it up like Midler the Code era might have been better on her.



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